Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been thinking about how my job in the church office could cause others to misconstrue the motivation or drive behind some of the things I do. Relationships are important to me. I enjoy getting to know people better on a one-on-one format as that works best for me and my introvert tendencies. I have had the desire to develop a specific relationship with someone who attends our church and am excited to see what happens. It is something that God has laid on my heart to do and it is also something I want to do.

I have also felt the urge to visit a few other people that I don't see very often, probably because it's summer and everyone takes vacations during this time. I am thankful that my job allows me to take time to see people during the day. However, I wonder if some think that I am visiting them because I "work for the church." I don't want others to think I'm "just doing my job" rather than doing something of my own prerogative. I'm sure that pastors feel this much more acutely than us lowly office administrators, but I still wonder if people think I've been instructed to contact them.

I am sure that there will be people that think that but I hope that most people attribute my actions to genuine care. I don't know how one is to gauge these thoughts, I just wanted to share my concern. I wonder if Jeff or Neal (our pastors) think about this or feel this way as well.

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  1. Yo Yo Yo - so here is my 2, 4, or 6 cents worth - sometimes I wonder about the whole "perception is reality" concept myself - meaning if people's perception is that I am only "paid" to do the things I do, then the reality could be that the won't take it as genuine.
    (I know that I have used this as motivation to get volunteers "on board" with serving/doing ministry because they won't be "seen" as it being "their job" - I used to tell the students in our campus ministry that the ministry/service would mean more to other students coming from THEM as students than ME who is "paid" to do the job)

    Now I have to be careful with this concept because
    1) it could allow me to "check out" and not do what God has called me to do so that people don't read wrong into it
    2) OBVIOUSLY people have not ever seen how much I get paid for doing the things I do - then they would KNOW it isn't true ha ha ha ha
    3) I have had to learn that, you know what - I have to do what I KNOW & FEEL God leading me to do and not really care how it is seen by others, if I am seeking Him and His guidance, then I also must trust that it will be GENUINE and from my heart and that will resonate with people and thus break through the mold of "Perception is Reality" - or that they will ACTUALLY perceive correctly that it is done out of concern and love for them and not simply "my job"

    So I totally hear what you are saying - but would encourage to DO WHAT YOU KNOW & FEEL IS RIGHT to do and then let God handle the moving of the Spirit in the person receiving the attention and affection. And even if they DO misinterpret your motives or reasoning that is still fine, you are not held responsible for the end result or the reaction - you are simply called to OBEY what God is leading you to do.

    So that would be my thought/response to this - hope it made sense.