Sunday, February 13, 2011

God First

The other day, I was on my way home from running an errand. I was stopped at the light at Jiles Rd and Old 41. I was staring to my right at the shopping center and started reading the electronic message sign at the Barber Shop. It first read "$10 Tuesday" which made me wonder if that was a deal for barber services. I watched to see what else was advertised and was surprised to read what appeared next. "God First" it said. A completely unexpected message and yet something that was a wonderful reminder. Our day is supposed to start with God - mindful prayer at the beginning of our day to help us remember what is most important and seek guidance for whatever we may encounter.
It also seemed like the perfect answer to many questions. What do I do about an issue in my life? God first. How am I going to get everything knocked off of my To Do list? God first. How do I show love to my neighbor? God first.
I was encouraged by this seemingly random message. If a barber shop can encourage others in the faith, I certainly can. We are supposed to invite God to be part of every aspect of our life and, I assume, that's what the barber shop owner is doing. I am now challenged to be bold, or at least not self conscious, about expressing my love for God every day in my life. How can I do this? God first.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Manna From Heaven

A few days ago it snowed. The grass was covered, but the roads were clear. The picture shows how the snow looked on the ground. My thought was that this is what the manna might have looked like (Exodus 16). Doesn't it look kind of like pieces of bread? It reminded me of how God always provides for us, even in ways that seem strange or have never been witnessed before. God does what is best, even though we may not completely understand it.
The manna also reminds me that God's provision is daily. He gives us just what we need for that time - no more, no less. I wonder if I would have tried to store up extra manna if I had been in the desert. That sounds like my personality (be prepared/save for the future). Though it would also have meant that I chose not to follow God's directions to me. Which, I must admit, I have been guilty on a number of occasions. I must be faithful to seek God each day, bringing to him my current needs and not worrying about anything that may or may not be in my future.