Saturday, February 12, 2011

Manna From Heaven

A few days ago it snowed. The grass was covered, but the roads were clear. The picture shows how the snow looked on the ground. My thought was that this is what the manna might have looked like (Exodus 16). Doesn't it look kind of like pieces of bread? It reminded me of how God always provides for us, even in ways that seem strange or have never been witnessed before. God does what is best, even though we may not completely understand it.
The manna also reminds me that God's provision is daily. He gives us just what we need for that time - no more, no less. I wonder if I would have tried to store up extra manna if I had been in the desert. That sounds like my personality (be prepared/save for the future). Though it would also have meant that I chose not to follow God's directions to me. Which, I must admit, I have been guilty on a number of occasions. I must be faithful to seek God each day, bringing to him my current needs and not worrying about anything that may or may not be in my future.

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  1. Depending on God for our daily needs is like living in the modern world without some sort of savings account or some retirement arrangement. The good news is that God has it all worked out. There are those who will live for 100+ years and those who will depart suddenly. Accordingly God makes provisions for everyone. However, the natural man, most likely than not, is driven to gather more than he really needs. In my early teen years, I used to wonder how Peter, who was physically in the presence of God, took a few steps on water and suddenly became afraid of drowning. The truth is that even when we are in the presence of God - just as Peter was with Jesus on the water - God still wants us to grow in faith, which translates to knowing Him more in light of the great things He can do. At that point - drawn by Him - we then begin to let go, trusting Him more and more and that is the time we enjoy God's provision package which includes food, safety, protection, victory over adversities, good health, peace, guidance, guardiance, happiness, annointing, evangelizing the Word and secure home at life's end.