Monday, January 31, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Today in Genesis, Isaac and Rebekah were living in the land of the Philistines and told the men of the land that Rebekah was his sister. I immediately recalled earlier in Genesis when Abraham did this not once, but twice (and yes, technically Sarah was his half-sister, but still). Did Isaac know that his father had done this when he was afraid, or was it some sort of genetic trait to not trust God to protect husband and wife in foreign land? Kind of funny and yet it sort of hits home a little.

No, I have never told someone that Adam is my brother. What I am talking about is having all of these personal experiences of God's provision throughout one's life and yet having one small area where you just can't seem to believe that God will also take care of you there. There always seems to come a time when you think you had better take care of a situation on your own because God wouldn't want to intervene. Are we afraid that it is something too small and unimportant for God to be involved? Or are we holding on to it too tightly because we think we know best? Either way, if we say that Jesus is Lord, we have to allow him to be Lord in EVERY area, not just the "big" ones.

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