Sunday, January 30, 2011

Abraham's dilemma or Isaac's childhood trauma?

I'm still reading in Genesis. The other day I read about Abraham and Isaac going up to make a sacrifice. What I wonder about is what Isaac thought about his dad planning to kill him. I'm sure he knew that God saved him with the ram in the bushes, but did he also believe that God had told Abraham to sacrifice his son? Abraham didn't tell Isaac that God told him to do what he was prepared to do. I think I would have been quite wary of my father after he almost killed me. Did Isaac tell his mother and relatives when he got home? Did he resent or hate his father? I'm quite curious about the conversation between father and son, if there was one. The only thing we do know is that Isaac believed in and trusted God throughout his life. Did the event cause him to believe and trust that God would protect him and provide for him?

Whenever I read this story or have heard it preached, the focus is always on Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice his only son, God's promise to him. I haven't every heard anyone talk about what Isaac must have felt and experienced.

What about you? Have you ever wondered these things? Ever heard someone preach about it?

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