Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long time no post

I had no idea it'd been over six months since I had posted anything on my blog. I am hoping to spend more time on here this year. Still working on getting the little one down for a regular nap. If I am successful, perhaps I will be able to carve out small bits of time to write on here. I'd do it after she goes to bed, but I prefer to catch up on the day with my husband. Perhaps I can make time for both.

Time is even more of a commodity for me these days. I keep a "to do" list on my phone of things I'd really like to accomplish so that, when I get a small window of time, I can work on one of them rather than wasting it. I think blogging is now on the list. So is sending out my book query letter. That will take a bit more time, but we will get there. I'm confident. :-) Anyway, here's to a new year and a new day!

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