Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Living Beyond Myself...Week 3

I know I'm a little behind getting this posted, but I've had a busy last few weeks of February.

Just Jump In!

Every time the rooster crowed, for the rest of Peter's life, he was reminded of his thrice denial of Jesus.

John 21:2-9

v7: When Peter learned it was the Lord, he jumped into the water to get to Jesus.
>What do you think the interaction was like between Peter and Jesus after the resurrection?

v12-17: Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves him (once for every denial?)
>To reconcile their relationship.
>He gave Peter things to do to show his love for Jesus (serve my people).
>>We see in the rest of Peter's life that he served all out.

Dr. David Alan Black quote

>Words are attractive but deeds speak louder than words.

So obviously there aren't a lot of notes. This tends to happen when Neal speaks because he tells stories and I tend to spend my time listening rather than jotting down my thoughts. You can listen to the whole message here. I had not previously noticed that Jesus asking Peter three times if he loved him could be the symbolic act of canceling out his previous denials - a restitution of sorts. Neal pointed out that the Scripture notes that Peter was hurt that Jesus asked him THREE times about his love. That hurt was probably a minuscule amount of what Jesus felt when Peter denied him.

I enjoyed the reminder that we are to show our love of Jesus through our actions and our lives. Serving others should be the response to our love for Jesus. I need to constantly consider, "Are my actions indicating that I love Jesus?"

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