Friday, April 29, 2011

In Need of Resurrection

This past Sunday's Easter message focused on John 11:17-37, the story of Lazarus' death and subsequent resurrection by Jesus. We were reminded that Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life." He was speaking not only about resurrection after death, but power for our lives right now.

In small group, we were posed several questions about resurrection and its application to us. In your life, where have you experienced resurrection? How are you/how is your life different because of Jesus?

They are definitely very good questions to think about and answer. The question that really made me think was our challenge for the week: What is dead in your life right now that you need resurrected?

It's a very good question and one that really requires me to be honest with myself. One of our members seemed to have an immediate answer that they were unreservedly not planning to share. I can understand that. Sharing something like this requires vulnerability. I have to be willing to get past the shame or embarrassment I feel about it in order to bring it into the light. Only then might I truly be able to seek Jesus' power to raise it back to life.

So, what is my thing that is dead and needs resurrection? Compassion. I just don't think that I truly feel the hurts and struggles for others. Yes, I pray for others and seek Jesus' power in their lives and various situations. But when Jesus was in Bethany with Mary and Martha, he saw their hurt and he wept. He saw AND FELT their pain and sorrow. I see it, but I don't take it on myself. I haven't felt so concerned and burdened that it pressed me to my knees in fervent and desperate prayer. It sounds awful, right? Like I am a cold, unfeeling person. I'm really not. I think I have just focused on my own life and family. I know that as one loved and cared for by God, I should also love and care for others. So I guess my new prayer should be for more compassion, for a heart open to taking in the hurts of others. It sounds a bit scary and potentially overwhelming, but "I can do all things through him who gives me strength."

Is there something in your life that is dead and needs resurrection? Are you brave enough to voice it out loud?

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