Tuesday, December 15, 2009

60-60 Conclusion

Well, the 60-60 experiment officially ended on December 11th. Of course, we were challenged not to actually end the experiment and stop trying to draw closer to God throughout the day. We were just freed from the beeps/alarms if we so choose. I am super excited that I don't have to wear my sports watch every day. It certainly wasn't the best fashion statement, but God didn't care and, really, neither did I.

So now what? I definitely enjoyed the challenge of trying to spend more time throughout the day with God and being shown just how short I fall on most days. I don't want to return to morning and night only like I had tended to do previously. It would be awesome to be conscious of God hourly (or even more frequently). The rub is that it is hard to develop that habit and sometimes I struggle with wanting to put forth such effort. However, I am continuing to learn that all of my efforts will always fall short. I need to be asking God to help remind me of his presence and to seek him in all things.

I do want (and need) to put practices in place that will help me to think of God more often. I have thought about using my cell phone screen to post a banner or picture that reminds me of God. Perhaps little post it notes on the bathroom mirror or in my car. I remember once a while ago thinking that it would be awesome to have a watch that said "Pray" on the face. I still think that would be great, but have not found one. Perhaps if it's possible to engrave watch faces, that would work. Or, of course, I could always purchase and engrave a pocket watch, but that's not as practical.

Anyway, I am glad that I participated in the experiment and hope that I will continue to grow in this area. If you participated, what did you get out of it? If you haven't, do you think this is something you might enjoy trying?

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