Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Give the Light

Sunday was week two of the Light series at church. Neal spoke this week. Below are my notes. Feel free to hear the whole thing at our website.

Givealight.org - organization in Chad (21st largest country in world, 5th poorest)
>Not much electricity so group is trying to get lights to families so that kids can study at night and hopefully this will help people and families to get out of poverty.
>Bogolight - flashlight that is charged with solar energy
>Slogan: "A light that will never go out."

Luke 2:8-20
>The shepherds had a choice to make after the angels left - go ahead and find the baby or stay on the hill where they were.
>Not only did they go, but they then told others what they had seen and heard.

We can give the light through our motives, mission, and message.
>To whom am I giving the light? What are my 3 Ms?

Matthew 19:30
>Story about shepherds in India

God can do big stuff if we are willing to give the light. How often do we receive the light (in messages, small groups, worship)? How often do we then give the light?

I really enjoyed this message and the reminder that we are to share what we learn and know of God. God is not just for me. He is for the world and wants the world to know him. I am not benefiting anyone by keeping what I know to myself. It seems really silly to be afraid of what others may think. I have seen God work in my life and know that he cares about each one of us. Why wouldn't I want to encourage others to invite God into their lives to work in them as well?

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