Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Too Deep

Here is week two of our current series. The notes are few because about halfway through Kaitlyn got a little fussy and I left service with her. To hear how it ends, click here.

JONAH: In Too Deep

Chapter 2
Jonah prayed inside the fish - what else did he have to do?
Jonah doesn't receive a dramatic rescue - he's unceremonially vomitted onto the beach.
God is up to something great.
The book of Jonah is a comedy, a book of hope.

Multiple parallels between Jonah and Jesus:
>both sleeping on a boat when a storm came
>both provided the means to calm the storm

--There are more, but I had to leave. I found that part of the message very intriguing.

I like the reminder that sometimes our only job is to pray (there's nothing else we can do but pray in certain circumstances). Feeding Kaitlyn provides me with large chunks of time where prayer could be the best use of my time. I really need to take more advantage of this allotted time.

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