Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Father In Heaven

A few weeks ago we started a new message series called God's Blog: What God Wants Us To Know About Prayer. Here is the first week. You can hear it and all of the subsequent weeks here. Below are my notes.

Our Father In Heaven

Live the Lord's prayer
Matthew 6:5-8 -> how NOT to pray
>Look at how kids interact with a good father

>It's plural, communal
>Prayer is never solitary. We are with Jesus and all others who follow him. Eugene Peterson
>We can trust God; he keeps our conversations confidential

>OT title referencing father of nations (nationally)
>NT, Jesus first to use it personally (intimate)
>You can approach God anytime, anywhere - he just wants you to do it
>Hebrews 4:16

>Seems like a remote location
>Greek references the atmosphere, the sky, the air - God's all around, present everywhere
>>Closer than the air I breathe; right here, right now
>God is sovereign, he rules all
>>Nothing is too silly or trivial not to pray about

>to attach appropriate value to something

>God's name is not given appropriate worth
>May all people realize your greatness and worth

Prayer is exhaling the spirit of man and inhaling the spirit of God. Edwin Keith

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