Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Running Ahead of God

Here is the last week of the series. Click here to listen to it.

JONAH: Running Ahead of God

Chapter 4
"My way or the highway"
Jonah's angry at God because he's so loving and merciful.
>Self-advancing: everything is about him
>>He wanted to advance his reputation as a prophet, not allow the Ninevites to repent and receive mercy from God.
>Comprehension and compromise
>>This world is bigger than my life; God has much more in mind than just me.
>>Sometimes God wants to do things that are different than what we have in mind to do.
>>Wanting what's best overall versus just for me.

>>Is God enough? Or are we focused on something else?
>Concern (for others)

>>"My way versus the higher ways" Isaiah 55:8-9 (NLT)
>>C.S. Lewis: "Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of your self less."

Approx 700,000 people in Cobb County; approx 280,000 who don't know Jesus (which is approximately 20,000 in Acworth/Kennesaw)
>Having compassion for those who don't know Jesus.
>Talking to others about God and Jesus.

This message really got me thinking about how little I talk about God with others. There are a few people (Christians) that I talk about it a lot with, but not really with acquaintances, neighbors, etc. When I went to Spain in 2002, I was studying with about twenty other people, all essentially strangers at the beginning. I had just had a renewing of my faith that summer and so I was really interested in talking with others about their beliefs and what they think about God and Jesus. During my three and a half months there, I had a faith conversation with every other student on the trip. It wasn't an intimidating thing and occurred fairly naturally. I even helped form a Bible study with a few other of the students while we were there. What happened that I have stopped desiring to know what other people think and share what I believe? I really did enjoy that season and desire to begin being more open again.

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