Wednesday, October 14, 2009

60-60 Post 1

Monday was my first whole day of doing the 60-60 experiment. I purchased a sports watch to have something to beep at me every hour. I do leave it downstairs at night so that I don't get woken up regularly by the beeping. I think God's okay with that. Hopefully the cat is too...

It was interesting to hear the beeps throughout the day. One time I was praying in my car. Another time I was working on a task at the office. One time, and probably the weirdest time to think "God is present with me and wants to help me", I was in the restroom. Now, we know that God can see and hear everything, but to really think about it at that moment is a little awkward. I was hoping that God did a little tasteful blurring like they do on The Sims computer game.

I didn't feel like there was anything profound about reminding myself of God's presence, but it is definitely causing me to think about him more than I usually do, which is part of the point. I don't always hear the beep, but we were told that we were going to fail at times and sometimes were going to be tempted to feel ashamed or embarrassed at our activities when the beep occurs, but that we are to remember that we are forgiven and loved.

Tuesday, I don't recall anything specific or profound, except that many times when I heard the beep, a line from a Chris Tomlin song kept popping into my head: I've seen enough to know that you're my only hope I don't want to go if you're not with me. Which I suppose is an encouraging reminder as well.

Today I have been feeling like I've been noticing things more. Like, something will fall into place or I will be reminded of something important that I've forgotten and shortly thereafter I will hear the beep and will thank God for his help and provision. Normally I don't think twice about having needs met or special little conveniences, but today has been different. I don't know that every day I will be able to see God in my life as much as I seem to be today, but I am thankful for this opportunity to be grateful for the little things.

There are still 56 more days so anything could happen in that time span. I am hoping for more days like this (or, possibly days even better than this!). Who knows what God will do if I am receptive and open?

Speaking of open, I was at the Catalyst Conference last week and one of the slogans was "Are you open?" I do want to write about it, but I have yet to spend time unpacking what I heard and learned so it may be a bit before I can blog intelligently about it. I definitely enjoyed all of the speakers, exhausting as it all was.

I hope that my experience with the 60-60 experiment will be an encouragement to you to maybe try to do something like this yourself. If you are interested, I would really encourage you to listen to this past Sunday's message as Jeff explains more about it. There's a link to it on the previous post. Feel free to leave any thoughts you have!

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