Saturday, October 24, 2009

60-60 Post 2

I don't feel like this week has been as good as the first week as far as being aware of God's presence and seeking his will moment by moment. I have missed a number of beeps - hearing them but allowing them to pass without any sort of pause or thought. I don't feel like I have received much direction or prompting, but perhaps I haven't really been seeking it either. I feel like I've pretty much sucked this week.

I knew that this challenge was going to be difficult. I didn't think it'd only take a week to fall back into normal patterns. It is somewhat discouraging. However, I will not give up. I will try to pause at each beep to see whether I am honoring God or seeking his guidance or if I'm simply doing my own thing without thought for what he may desire for me.

I think that it helps that the desire is there. I just need action to follow. I mean, I loved all of the encouragement I received last week through the experiment. I want more of that so hopefully that will help me to be more actively engaged when the beeps come.

I tried twice to sit quietly (be still) and invite God to speak. Usually it ended with me thinking about what needed to be done that day. That is still a work in progress. I should continue to try though, because only through practice do I have any hope of successfully quieting my mind to a state where I can clearly receive a word from God. Is anyone good at doing this? I'm always open to pointers and suggestions.

One cool thing from the second half of last week. On Friday, a married couple was brought to my mind. I have had more interaction with the woman and had prayed previously for a potential endeavor they were considering. I hadn't heard anything in a while. Sunday morning, I saw a woman who is good friends with the couple and asked her if anything had happened in that regard. She informed me that it was not going to happen because it looked like the couple was going to be getting a divorce. That was quite a surprise, and apparently a development only occurring last week. I let my friend know that I would be praying for them. I know that that was a God prompting. What are the odds of a random thought about people I don't know very well who are going through a difficult time right now? Definitely a "God coincidence." I'm not really sure what exactly I should be praying, but I know that God knows what is needed. All I know is that I'm supposed to be praying over this situation.

I have been trying to respond to thoughts to call or write people. They don't seem like very big things, but I know that God knows what others need and can use anything for his purposes. So we will see what happens this coming week with the 60-60 experiment. If you are going through it (or have gone through it), I'd love to hear about your experiences!

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