Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving Toward Others

Yesterday was our church's fifth anniversary! It was a lot of fun looking back over the past few years and considering what the future may hold. I really appreciated Jeff's zeal and excitement about the doors that have been opening and the possibilities of what the future may hold. I definitely want to be a part of where our church goes from here!

Below are my notes from week three's Soul Revolution message series.

Matthew 22:36-40
-Jesus is asked what the greatest commandment is. He responds by giving two, indicating that they are inextricably linked together: love God, love other people.

Our relationship with God can be measured by how our relationships with others are going (their health).

God loves people; therefore we are to love people (love what God loves).

Our conviction (wanting to love and serve others) does not always match our practice (how we actually relate to other people).

John 6:1-13 - limited supply (5000 hungry people, 5 loaves and 2 fish)

A limited supply (our abilities, time, money, possessions, shortcomings) in the hands of an unlimited God can yield amazing results.

It's amazing that people can be both very selfish and very generous.

Perhaps the boy with the food realized that this was his opportunity to love/serve others with what he had.

What if we gave our limited resources to God to use to love those around us? We can love people in rich and meaningful ways with what God has given us.

Help people fall in love with Jesus by being Jesus to people.

"MY CHANCE" : When an opportunity arises to use what God's given you to help others, instead of saying "mine" why not try saying "this is my chance"?

I really liked the call to be generous with what we have. To not limit God by what we may see as an impossibility. What if God wants to show his immense power through our puny resources, but we are too scared to see what he will do? In line with the 60-60 experiment, when we are reminded to ask what God's will for us is in this moment, perhaps we should consider what we have to offer and ask God to use us and use it. Who knows what God wants to do through us? We won't know unless we ask and then respond.

Is there anything God is calling you to do that you are hesitant about, perhaps because you are concerned that you aren't enough, don't have enough, or that God isn't enough?

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  1. I'm doing that all the time - doubting myself, my resources, God, or all three! Always looking at the 'more' someone else has.

    Thanks for celebrating my 1 year at blogging. Here's to a great year of blogging for you!