Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Developing a Spiritual Workout

I was in the nursery on Sunday, but I listened to the message yesterday. Jeff talked about how there are certain spiritual practices we should all develop, such as prayer, Bible reading, and meditation. However, the way in which we do these can be different and should correspond to how we best relate to God.

Gary Thomas wrote a book called Sacred Pathways that talks about nine different pathways in which a person may best relate to God. They are the Naturalist (draws near to God through nature), the Sensate (draws near to God through the senses), the Traditionalist (draws near to God through ritual and symbol), the Ascetic (draws near to God through solitude and simplicity), the Activist (draws near to God through bringing about social change), the Caregiver (draws near to God through caring for and serving others), the Enthusiast (draws near to God through celebration and mystery), the Contemplative (draws near to God through personal adoration and heartfelt devotion), and the Intellectual (draws near to God through his/her mind). North Point has the survey online where you can answer 45 questions to find out which is your strongest pathway.

I took the survey and found that I am pretty evenly Contemplative and Intellectual. It definitely makes sense to me. I like to read and journal. I would be interested to learn more about these particular pathways (the Intellectual in me). Jeff had mentioned trying to hold a two hour class to go more in depth on the pathways but I don't know if/when that will happen.

I did like the reminder that we all worship best in different ways. It's okay that I don't raise my hands and dance when we sing. And it's okay that others do. My focus tends to be on the words I am singing.

I would be interested to know what pathway you found to be your strongest when you took the survey. Feel free to post your answer in the comments section.

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