Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I just finished reading today's Serious Wednesday post over at Stuff Christians Like. It really hit me hard. I would recommend hopping over there to read it. To think that we have a God that is willing to forgive us at the first second of our turning to him in repentance. If people forgave like God, it would be such a healing world. We wouldn't have to experience the pain of someone else reminding you of your failures after they had said they forgave you. I love that God's forgiveness is much higher than the petty forgiveness down here. I love that his memory does not recall every insult or hurt we've inflicted on him, just waiting for a future time to remind us of our sinfulness. No, God's love has covered over our sins. In his mind, we are pure and blameless and clean.

I know that I struggle with letting go of hurts that others have inflicted on me. I try not to allow it to resurface in the face of another injury. I know how much it hurts when it's done to me. Why should we be made to feel guilty AGAIN for something we have already sought forgiveness for and been forgiven of. It's not forgiven if it gets rubbed in our face again, is it? I desperately want to receive the forgiveness that God has from other people. I want to be able to give it as well. Imagine how life would be if we all were quick to forgive and graciously left hurts in the past? Yes, I know that that kind of forgiveness could lead to abuse. God certainly knows and has experienced this as we are all guilty of requiring forgiveness on a regular basis. But that's where unconditional love comes in. Wouldn't it be awesome if we all tried to forgive and love like God?

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